Burning Smells Coming from Furnace and Ducts

*Sniff*...What's that smell?

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Smells like burning…

For people who have lived in Alberta for a while, there’s a special smell that signals the coming of fall. It’s not leaves or dirt or rain or snow – it’s the dusty burning smell you get sometime in late August or early September, when your furnace turns on for the first time in a few months and the dust that has settled on your heat exchanger burns off.

This is the smell that for many people also signals the need to book a furnace & duct cleaning.

What is a “normal” season change smell?

  1. It is a light dusty burning smell
  2. The smell should be temporary – it should only happen for a short while after your furnace kicks in for the season, and should not persist after the first day.
  3. The smell should be quite mild
  4. The smell should not smell like burning plastic or melting metal
  5. There should not be any smoke
  6. It might not necessarily mean you need a cleaning – most homes need a cleaning every 2-3 years. If you have had your furnace cleaned more recently but get this smell, it might just be a signal that there’s a small amount of dust burning.

If you have a burning smell coming from your heating system that does not fit this description, you should urgently seek professional assistance. If there is smoke, or a gas smell, you should get to safety and call emergency services.

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Alberta Furnace Cleaning Reviews

As always. This guys delivers excellent service. Very knowledgeable. Professionals . I will always use this company. They are on time. The techs are very respectful. And yah ritzie is very knowledgeable., he explain to me the benefits of the air renew filter. I almost purchase one. Unfortunately i got no money left in my acct. thanks for sending this two great guys.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- salvador querubin

Arnold and his partner were a great team. He took his time to explain to me in detail what he was doing and how I can keep in cleaning in between the service due time. God bless this wonderful fellow.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Agah Ogungboye

Very responsive as soon as I called I received a quote and I was booked in quite fast once I chose to go ahead with them.The crew was exceptional, very mindful of floors walls etc. Used blankets and window access to run hoses as needed so they wouldn't mark walls or floors. I really appreciated that and did not have to ask. Secondly they were efficient and fast, and explained everything to me. As well as discussing any items that I did not need and/or anything that was additional to quote, before doing the work, so no surprises!! Only variances from quoted price was number of vents in my home and that was because I missed some when I counted. After completing job everything was cleaned up, including excess dust near vents. They also went through anything that they found and a few other items such as humidifier, as it required a new filter. I had no clue no one ever explained the unit to me before. They helped explain what it needed and where to get it! This was above and beyond their scope of work and I was very appreciative of the information!!!Their pricing was midline it was not the cheapest quote nor the highest. They were recommended to me and the quality and service was definitely worth every dollar!!!Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Shauna Auger

Andrew and Ritchie were great. They arrived on time, explained what they were going to do. Very polite and efficient. I would definitely have them out again to clean my furnaceService: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- LD Maher

Had them come in for furnace, central vac lines and carpet cleaning. Very polite explained everything they were doing. Outstanding interaction between technicians and ourselves!!!Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- crclare2002

We were having issues with air conditioning and our repairman said we needed our ducts cleaned ASAP. Alberta Furnace was able to come out first thing the next day. The call operator was friendly and made sure to walk me through the pricing so there was no surprises. Both reps showed up on time and were polite and courteous. They explained everything in great detail. They were careful with their long hoses to not scrape up the walls and gave advice to maintain our furnace and air conditioner ongoing. All in all it was an excellent experience! Would definitely book with them again and would recommend!Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Christine Miller