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Routine Furnace & Duct Cleaning

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How Often Should You Clean Your Furnace & Ducts?

Your routine furnace & duct cleaning cleaning will depend on your unique system setup. All components of your system are cleaned – including central air conditioning coils, Heating Recovery Ventilators, furnaces and hot and cold air ductwork. Learn More about our furnace cleaning process and furnace and duct cleaning pricing.

Here are some common ways to determine if you are due for a routine cleaning:

  1. Check your furnace sticker – if you’ve used us before, there will be a sticker on your furnace letting you know when you’re due for your next furnace & duct cleaning!
  2. If it has been longer than 2-3 years since your last cleaning.
  3. Check your filter – if you are checking your filter every month and notice more dust than usual, it may mean you need a cleaning.
  4. Is it dusty? If you notice a higher level of dust in your home than usual, you may be due for a cleaning.
  5. Do you have pets? In homes with pets, hair and dander can accumulate in your system making routine furnace and duct cleaning necessary. If you notice more hair and dust in the air than normal, you may need a cleaning.

Things that can influence how often you need a furnace & duct cleaning. 

Rule of thumb = time.  Most homes on average need a cleaning every 2-3 years but this could be shorter or longer depending on your unique situation and if you do regular maintenance.

Things that can increase your time between cleaning:

  1. If you live in a very low dust environment – most dust comes from outside of our homes, either from dry dirt in the air, or plant matter such as pollen. If you live in a damp area with low dust in the air, you may require cleaning less frequently.
  2. Good filtration – having a good filter and keeping it clean can help to remove more dust from the air and stop your furnace and ducts from accumulating dust. 
  3. Very clean home environment – homes with fewer people, no children or pets, and proactive measures to keep the home clean tend to have cleaner ducts and furnaces. 

Things that can decrease your time between cleanings:

  1. Pets who shed – hair is a huge part of what we take out of ductwork. If you have a lot of shedding pets, you will want to clean your ducts more frequently. 
  2. Living in a dusty area – if you live in an area with a higher amount of dust, such as a new neighbourhood where there is a lot of construction, or near farmers fields or dusty industrial areas, you may have a need for more frequent cleaning. 

What Our Customers Have To Say

Joseph and his partner cleaned my furnace and dryer vent with absolutely no issues! They were efficient and very clean, and so friendly! I am so glad I went with Alberta Furnace as they were professional and so kind. Would highly recommend them to anyone :)

- Kristyn Mahoney

Recently had my furnace cleaning done. The fellas were great! They called ahead of time so I could put the pup outside, they were polite and quick. When they came inside they wore protective booties so they kept the floors clean. They also fixed my dryer lint trap when cleaning out the dryer!! It was missing a screw so the lint was going where it wasn’t supposed to. They also let me know that having both furnace and a/c, my filters should be changed 2x a year - not something I was ever told by furnace install company who “services” my furnace on a paid plan! So Alberta Furnace probably saved me a lot of money and headache down the road. 10/10 would definitely recommend this company and crew. Will definitely use them again.

- Falon Malec