Excess Dust

What to do when the dust bunnies take over!

Why is it so dusty in my house?

Furnace & duct cleaning is recommended every 2-3 years. If you are finding that you’re noticing more dust in the air than usual and it has been over 2-3 years since your last cleaning, it’s time to book your cleaning!

If you have had a cleaning recently, or notice generally that dust is bothering you in your home, there may be some additional things to try aside from furnace & duct cleaning.

The main drivers of dust in the air are:

About 2/3 of dust comes from outside and is caused by:

  1. The season – particularly spring, fall, or anytime there’s dry, dusty weather
  2. Dust and dirt from nearby construction, proximity to dusty worksites, dumps, or fields can all increase the general amount of dust in the air outside of and inside of your home
  3. Pollen & other plant stuff

The other 1/3 comes from internal factors, mostly fibres from clothes, other textiles, and paper. A small amount is from human skin (not the 80% that some people claim). Pet dander, and particularly hair can also make up a lot of the stuff floating around in the air although it’s not strictly dust.

What can I do to improving Home Indoor Air Quality?

  1. Run your furnace “summer fan” all year round – keeping your fan on even when the furnace is not actively heating or cooling increases air circulation and filtration in your home.
  2. Check and change your furnace filter regularly (check monthly – replace or clean as needed)
  3. Vacuum frequently – carpet is an excellent dust trapper but should be vacuumed regularly to remove dust from the environment.
  4. Dust hard surfaces – dust on hard surfaces including tile or hardwood floors can easily be moved into the air by air currents caused by opening doors or windows, use of fans, or your furnace turning on.
  5. Use bathroom + kitchen fans – to remove cooking odours and particles, and increase airflow
  6. Clean your furnace & ducts every 2-3 years.

Can furnace & duct cleaning reduce allergies?

Furnace & duct cleaning is an important part of overall heating system maintenance, and can reduce the amount of dust in your home. It is a part of an overall set of actions that can help to improve allergy symptoms, but on its own is not an effective allergy control mechanism.

Alberta Furnace Cleaning Reviews

Joseph and his partner cleaned my furnace and dryer vent with absolutely no issues! They were efficient and very clean, and so friendly! I am so glad I went with Alberta Furnace as they were professional and so kind. Would highly recommend them to anyone :)

- Kristyn Mahoney

Recently had my furnace cleaning done. The fellas were great! They called ahead of time so I could put the pup outside, they were polite and quick. When they came inside they wore protective booties so they kept the floors clean. They also fixed my dryer lint trap when cleaning out the dryer!! It was missing a screw so the lint was going where it wasn’t supposed to. They also let me know that having both furnace and a/c, my filters should be changed 2x a year - not something I was ever told by furnace install company who “services” my furnace on a paid plan! So Alberta Furnace probably saved me a lot of money and headache down the road. 10/10 would definitely recommend this company and crew. Will definitely use them again.

- Falon Malec