Furnace & Duct Cleaning After Renovations

Even though you tried, dust still got in places you didn't want it to go.

Renovation Furnace & Duct Cleaning

If you’ve recently renovated, it’s a great time to get your furnace & ducts cleaned! Renovations can generate dust and debris which can contaminate your system and leave dust circulating through your home long after the work is completed. Getting your heating and cooling system cleaned is a great finishing touch to any renovation.

When Scheduling Your Post-Renovation Cleaning:

  1. Furnace & duct cleaning should be near the end – if you have ongoing construction, your system may be re-contaminated after cleaning so it’s best to leave furnace & duct cleaning to the end.
  2. Have us in Before Paint or Allow paint to dry fully (at least 48 hours) before we come – our hoses need to wind through your home, and we use corner guards and blankets to guard your walls, but these won’t work great with wet paint.
  3. Let us know if something changes! Renovation delays happen – let us know if we need to move your appointment by a few days or weeks.

Book your post renovation cleaning now or telephone us at 780-444-3828 so we can help put the finishing touch on your renovation!

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