Move In / Move Out Furnace Cleaning

Move In / Out Furnace Cleaning

Start fresh with a furnace cleaning.

Move In Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Book early to ensure that you get the date that you need for your cleaning and make sure to let us know that you are moving and your date. This will help us to ensure that your cleaning is prioritized. Considerations for booking furnace & duct cleaning when you are moving in:

New Home Furnace & Duct Cleaning

If your home is new, check with your builder to see if they have already had a pre-move in furnace & duct cleaning. Although the system is new, the ductwork in new homes can have dust and construction debris, making it dirtier than many older homes!

Dust & Pet Concerns

If you have concerns about dust allergies – if the home hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, or is new and was not cleaned after construction, you may want to have the system cleaned as soon as possible after moving in. Home with pets or even with larger families will have a higher level of biological dust and hair in the air and heating system. Changing your filter regularly (check monthly) and having furnace and duct cleaning every 2-3 years is recommended.

Move Out Furnace & Duct Cleaning

If furnace & duct cleaning is a requirement of your rental move out, check out more information on cleaning for tenants and landlords. When moving out it’s important to know that we will need access to your furnace room and the area around it, as well as all vents including:

  • Warm air vents
  • Cold air vents
  • Basement roof vents

If we are coming in while you are packing or moving please be mindful to keep these areas clear so we can make sure that we get a thorough full system cleaning.

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Tenants & Landlords

Communication is extra important when it comes to coordinating a cleaning in a rental situation.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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What Our Customers Have To Say

I had my ducts and vents cleaned in March 2021 and I was impressed by how thoughtful Richie was. As he cleaned the ducts, he made sure to not leave a mess when he went from room to room. When it came to the dryer duct, Richie even cleaned up the giant dust bunny that he pulled out, and this was outside! I would definitely be back for my next duct and vent cleaning with Alberta Furnace Cleaning! Thank you to both Xianglong and Richie!

- Sophia Mah

Equipment was new and well maintained. Staff were pleasant to deal with and explained what they were doing. They efficiently dealt with their business. Cleaned up after themselves. No concerns at all.

- Barry Maron

They came early and did an amazing job cleaning all of our vents, making our dryer vent clean as a whistle and making our home safe and clean again! I had my 10 month old at home at time and they were so kind about making sure he was okay with the noise. Cannot thank them enough for their work! Get your services done by them everytime!

- Karen Sarsiat

Called around 11am and they were able to come out same day! Very prompt, friendly and got the job done quickly. They were upfront and clear about their prices. Would definitely use their services again.

- Patricia Smith