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Central Vacuum Cleaning

Using a vacuum to clean a vacuum.

When To Clean Your Central Vacuum

Central vacuum cleaning maintenance depends on how often you use the appliance. Generally, central vacuum canisters should be cleaned every three to six months, more often if used more frequently. You can tell your central vacuum needs to be cleaned when the suction is weakening. 

Can I Clean My Central Vacuum?

Absolutely! Regular central vacuum cleaning and maintenance does not require any fancy or professional equipment. Simply locate your central canister, detach the hose and empty your central canister of dust and debris. Also check your filter to make sure it is in good condition – if it’s especially dusty, give it a quick vacuum to clear any dust build up. Reassemble and your central vacuum should be back to sucking! 

When To Call In Help To Clean Your Central Vac

“Oops….” If you’ve lost some things to the central vac more than a couple times, you might be experiencing some serious blockage. Hey, don’t worry. It happens. When your central vacuum lines are clogged with accidents, that’s where we come in. 

Using our high powered vacuum truck, we use high pressure air in each of your vacuum ports to clear any blockages and ensure maximum air flow in your central vac system. We then empty the canister, clean the filter and motor, and dispose of all the debris. Don’t fret – we’ll also return any random treasures we may find!  

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Andrew and his team provided courteous and friendly service. They showed up on time and clearly explained all of the work that they did. All fees were as expected from the quote with no unexpected costs. They were thorough and efficient. We had our ducts, AC coil, dryer vent and central vacuum system cleaned and are happy with the service. We would recommend and use them again.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Katy Rogal

Courteous and nice. Communicated well the day of, with a 2 hour window and then a 30 minute heads up. Covered the floor and door jam where the big hoses were placed. You of course have to do your own touch up from some of the dust that occurs simply from the process, which is completely what we expected, they left my house in a condition I was happy with. They offered us some upsells but were not pushy. This is our third time using this company and we would recommend them.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Jen Bowzeylo

You guys! I was so pleasantly surprised by quickly my call was answered 2. How quickly they were able to come out 3. How friendly and knowledgeable he was 4. How hard working he was and 5. How reasonable the price is! This was a giant win for me and I will always use this company! Well done you guys! I’m so so happy and I won’t stop telling people!

- Caterina Coffey

Extremely friendly staff. Easy scheduling. Technicians arrived within time window and were polite, professional and all around pleasant. We’re repeat customers with Alberta Furnace Cleaning and have always been pleased.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Teena Joseph Changarathil

The team showed up within the time frame given. They were very friendly and helpful. In addition to the furnace and duct cleaning, I also had my dryer vent cleaned. Great job and quicker than I thought it would take.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Heather Turner

First time using Alberta Furnace cleaning. Started searching for a company on google, and they had a lot of positive reviews. So we decided to give them a call.Impressive ! A Very positive experience. Their customer service folks were very polite, professional and easy to deal with. The two technicians we got were also professional, respectful and very honest. They did a good job. We absolutely recommend this company. They treat their customers like familly.

- S A