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Finished Basement Problems (aka Buried Drop Cold)

What is a “buried drop cold”?

In an unfinished basement or basement with removable ceiling tiles, access to the main supply and return lines of your ductwork is very easy, which assists us in making appropriate access points to ensure a thorough cleaning of your system.

Unfortunately, drywalled basement ceilings can prohibit us from fully accessing your system to ensure that thorough cleaning. Of particular concern is a situation that we call the “buried drop cold”. This is a situation in which your main cold (return air) duct has a bend or drop in it, and the ducting on the lower side of this drop is encased in drywall.

Why is this a problem?

In the course of our cleaning, we use our high pressure RotoWhip and airline through each vent, to blow dust and debris down to the main ductwork in the basement, where our large vacuum hose is attached, and it can be sucked out. If the dust and debris gets trapped in the lower ductwork and the vacuum is attached in the higher section, there may be a significant amount of dust and debris that we are unable to remove from the system. Because we fully guarantee our work, we are unable to clean in this situation.

What can be done about this?

In order to complete the thorough cleaning of your furnace & ducts, you will need to either cut a hole for us, or have a contractor cut a hole and install a grate so that we can access the ductwork on the lower portion of the main duct run.

Why can’t Alberta Furnace Cleaning cut a hole in my ceiling or wall?

We are really good at cleaning furnaces and ducts, but we’re not very good at cutting holes in houses. You wouldn’t want your dentist to perform open heart surgery on you, right?

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- Stacy Matlock

You guys! I was so pleasantly surprised by quickly my call was answered 2. How quickly they were able to come out 3. How friendly and knowledgeable he was 4. How hard working he was and 5. How reasonable the price is! This was a giant win for me and I will always use this company! Well done you guys! I’m so so happy and I won’t stop telling people!

- Caterina Coffey

Andrew and his partner were very nice, professional and answered all questioned. They were thorough and did a great jobService: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Dominique Leonard

Came on time, very well organized. Worker’s were very efficient and organized.Prices were about $100 cheaper than other quotes.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

- Tom Langner

Great people. Great service.Andrew and Dillon were best and fully professionals.Thanks guys for the awesome services.

- Jagdeep Gill

We are very happy with the service provided by Alberta Furnace Cleaning. They were fast, friendly and efficient. Fast in both the quote they provided as well as how long it took to clean all the ducts and furnace, they were in and out within an hour. Everyone we dealt with from the booking staff to the fellows who performed the cleaning were very professional and friendly. We are very happy with the cleaning they provided and would definitely recommend this company.Service: HVAC duct & vent cleaning

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