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Finished Basement Problems (aka Buried Drop Cold)

What is a “buried drop cold”?

In an unfinished basement or basement with removable ceiling tiles, access to the main supply and return lines of your ductwork is very easy, which assists us in making appropriate access points to ensure a thorough cleaning of your system.

Unfortunately, drywalled basement ceilings can prohibit us from fully accessing your system to ensure that thorough cleaning. Of particular concern is a situation that we call the “buried drop cold”. This is a situation in which your main cold (return air) duct has a bend or drop in it, and the ducting on the lower side of this drop is encased in drywall.

Why is this a problem?

In the course of our cleaning, we use our high pressure RotoWhip and airline through each vent, to blow dust and debris down to the main ductwork in the basement, where our large vacuum hose is attached, and it can be sucked out. If the dust and debris gets trapped in the lower ductwork and the vacuum is attached in the higher section, there may be a significant amount of dust and debris that we are unable to remove from the system. Because we fully guarantee our work, we are unable to clean in this situation.

What can be done about this?

In order to complete the thorough cleaning of your furnace & ducts, you will need to either cut a hole for us, or have a contractor cut a hole and install a grate so that we can access the ductwork on the lower portion of the main duct run.

Why can’t Alberta Furnace Cleaning cut a hole in my ceiling or wall?

We are really good at cleaning furnaces and ducts, but we’re not very good at cutting holes in houses. You wouldn’t want your dentist to perform open heart surgery on you, right?

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A big shout out to Andrew and Aaron from Alberta Furnace Cleaning. My husband and I had recently renovated our home and were noticing a fine dust on everything that I couldn’t keep up with. Andrew and Aaron came in and cleaned the furnace, air conditioning unit and all the duct work. It was shocking to see what the found - construction debris, dog toys, tennis balls etc. They definitely have the equipment to thoroughly clean the mechanical and duct work. Both workers used care in removing vent covers, and cleaned all surfaces, properly replacing the grills when done. They were on time, efficient, polite and respectful of ourselves and our home. I could not be happier.

- Kerri Davis

Booking was easy and convenient. Customer service reps Ashley and Anna both helped me during the course of the transaction and I would both give them 5 stars. There was a little problem with my service that leads me to give it 4 stars, and although the situation was mostly remedied, I feel like it's fair to take this into consideration for the rating.

- Melissa Beaudin

Joseph and his partner cleaned my furnace and dryer vent with absolutely no issues! They were efficient and very clean, and so friendly! I am so glad I went with Alberta Furnace as they were professional and so kind. Would highly recommend them to anyone :)

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I booked with Alberta Furnace Cleaning because they sent me a coupon in my email. When I went to book, I was able to schedule the appointment for a day and time that worked for me and on short notice. Although the work vehicle looks like it could use a refresh, Arnold and Miroslav were excellent. Arnold ensured that he told me what was going on and gave me tips for how to maintain my furnace and dryer vent between cleanings. They were both very polite, professional and efficient. I would happily have them back again!

- Krista Pare