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Ensuring Safety at Home During Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and efficient furnace is essential for a comfortable home, especially during the cold winter months. Professional furnace technicians are the go-to experts for this job. It’s natural to be curious about the process, but it’s crucial for homeowners to understand the importance of safety when technicians are cleaning the furnace and ducts. Let’s explore some safety tips to keep in mind to ensure both your well-being and the efficiency of the cleaning process

  1. Give Technicians Space:
    Furnace cleaning is a noisy and sometimes chaotic task, with technicians using various tools and equipment. It’s essential to give them plenty of room to work. Avoid following them around too closely, as this can create hazards. Technicians might not always be aware of your presence, and accidents can happen if they bump into you or their equipment.
  2. Watch Out for Air Hoses:
    One common piece of equipment used during furnace cleaning is the air hose. These hoses are powerful and can cause injury if they accidentally hit you. Keep a safe distance and be mindful of where the hose is at all times. It’s best to stay out of the technician’s way and let them do their job without distractions.
  3. Beware of the Vacuum Hose:
    Another vital tool for cleaning furnace ducts is the vacuum hose. This vacuum has excellent suction (trust us!), designed to remove dust, debris, and contaminants from your ducts. It’s crucial to avoid placing any objects in its path, as they can be sucked into the vacuum. Additionally, make sure not to trip over the hose, which could lead to accidents or damage the equipment.
  4. Communicate When Necessary:
    While it’s best to stay out of the technicians’ way, there may be situations where you need to communicate with them. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask. Just ensure that you do so at a safe distance and when the technician is not actively working with machinery or tools.
  5. Keep Children and Pets Away:
    If you have children or pets in your home, it’s important to keep them safely away from the cleaning area. The noise and activity can be unsettling to them, and their presence can pose safety risks. Designate a safe and quiet area for them to stay during the cleaning process.

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Alberta Carpet and Furnace Cleaning were excellent. When I asked for a quote, they called me right away and sent it with all the details and pricing. They advised their arrival time and were punctual. Upon arrival, the technicians, Andrew and Lance, put their masks and shoe covers on and went through the service and what it entailed. They were efficient, considerate, thorough, courteous, kind, and professional throughout whole process and went above and beyond to explain details and suggest maintenance best practices to ensure the upkeep of the furnace. They processed payment and sent my receipt with details immediately to my email. I will definitely use again and would highly recommend Alberta Carpet and Furnace Cleaning for their transparency and exceptional work. I applaud Lance and Andrew for their impeccable customer service and professional expertise. Thank you!

- Cecilia Latorre

They were very good and prompt at there job! They were easy to talk to and they explained to me what they were doing! They made sure that my cat Coco was ok and safe before I could move her! I would recommend this company to anyone! I will be calling them back in 2 years! I give you 10 stars!! Thank you again 😊

- Jen Langford

Hey a huge shout out to Andrew and his crew. They were fun to interact with and made a stressful situation for me into a pleasant journeyman interface. I like a person that loves their tools and enjoys demonstrating that skill. WELL DONE ANDREW. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.

- Michael Turner

Fantastic service! Prompt, courteous, clean and very professional. The actual price was less than the original quote. If your looking for a great company, look no further.

- Scott Garner